Merchant Card Services

If you own a retail store front, have an eCommerce website, telephone or mail order business, Seymour Direct can offer you some of the most efficient and cost effective ways to accept credit cards.

Various business types need different payment processing solutions, for example, if you are a retail merchant that sells business to business(B2B) then you will need merchant card services which are fast, reliable and offer extensive PCI security testing.

Aside from our state-of-the-art PDQ machine technology which can be reviewed in full by clicking the following words (Countertop,Bluetooth,Mobile), Seymour Direct’s goal is to offer services to business owners which transcends their expectations formed from current or previous merchant services they have experienced.

Hospitality industries such as restaurants or public houses usually have special  low rates because the transactions are carried out face to face but Seymour Direct assesses  every merchant applications to surpass the rates they would expect for card payments.

You may be searching for what is known as a MOTO merchant account, which refers to Mail Order/Telephone Order payment processing. Card transactions which are keyed in by yourself via a virtual terminal are different to when a payment is made face to face. If this is where the majority of your orders come from then you will not be able to verify the card holders chip card or pin-code and this could increase risk, however, Seymour Direct work with payment service providers like Sagepay to offer you the most secure and affordable virtual terminals.

Remember, if you want to accept payments for an online store or for telephone and mail orders through a virtual terminal, you will have to set up different merchant accounts to the one which handles your stores payments because like already stated these transactions occur under different circumstances and carry higher risks.

Our regular merchant account application form sets up Visa and Mastercard, American Express, Maestro and JCB, which means you can accept credit and debit card payments.

In today’s merchant services world there are so many options available to suit different needs. Seymour Direct has provided solutions for businesses ranging from chauffeurs to chain brand hair salons such as TONY&GUY, see our testimonials and enquire to find out what system we advise for card payment at your business.

Previously Known as SagePay