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PCI DSS Compliance for Merchants

The PCI Data Security guide has become the ideal basis for security; it represents years of experience gained by security specialists around the globe. Some of the most well-known corporate giants have success with these standards and your small business can also benefit from following the guidelines.

The costs for small businesses maintaining compliance with these mandatory rules vary between banks, however the penalties for non compliance would be considerably more expensive. The full PCI DSS document is available in a PDF file further down this page.

The banks that Seymour Direct partner with ( Worldpay, Elavon & First Data ) have appointed companies such as Trustwave to assist merchants to become compliant with PCI rules. The process to become compliant may seem complex however, the current requirement ( 2013 ) is very straightforward. Merchants need to visit a secure web site and answer questions about the way card transactions are taken in the business and this needs to be completed once a year and takes a matter of minutes. Seymour Direct is more than happy to explain further or answer any questions you may have on this very important subject, just phone 0800 980 4007.

In addition to the above you can rest assured that all of the credit card machines that can be found on this website comply with the Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction and Security Testing and Approval Program Guide which can be downloaded here. Our specific Ingenico models are listed among those tested on the PCI Security Standards official website.




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