What is Good Customer Service?

Having the latest credit card terminals and payment processing services are only 2 factors involved in becoming a successful business, here at Seymour Direct we like to give advice which completes the overall strategy and this is why we believe our customers are so successful and keep returning to us.

Customer Service is one of the cornerstone pieces to the puzzle which leads to your businesses success and you probably already know that accepting card payments provides a strong return on the investment and is also one of those crucial services expected by all consumers. Previous blog posts discuss how to ‘Progress Your Online Store‘ and ‘The Importance of Testimonials‘ but if you remember to value your existing customers and have quick card processing equipment, then you will have a happy customer leaving your store. time.

There are several ways to treat customers which will establish a strong relationship and increase the chance of repeat sales further down the line.

Show Your Expertise

If you have a passion for your business or have a certain amount of experience under your belt already, you are equipped to give your customers the advice they need or guide them. Use references from informational sources and explain in detail exactly what they want to know, this does not cost anything except your time and if you are willing to spend time with customers queries you will establish trust value among a community.

Show That You Care

If you show to your customers that you are actually interested in their endeavours this will show respect and they will prefer to pay for your services because they will know you are committed to providing solutions for their problems.

Show a Sense of Humour

Laughter is a great connective tool, this can be used to ease mundane tasks and will help you and your customers to overcome obstacles and find solutions to problems. You will also develop relationships with customers through humour and if they like your character they are more likely to return.

Reach Agreements

Remember that the customer is always right, even if you do not agree with them it is important to try and find a solution to their needs. Arguing will get you nowhere and at least if you have exhausted every option available to you then you will leave feeling good about your efforts.

Customer Service is the New Sales Pitch!

In an age where consumers have become wise to slick marketing campaigns, the best technique is to show that you are different from all of the other companies in that you actually go the extra mile to cater for their individual needs. Combine this with the quality of your products and you have a recipe for success!

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