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Countertop Machine


If you need a low cost, high quality Countertop machine for your retail checkout then take a closer look below at the very latest version from Ingenico, a global leader in the card payment industry. It has all the necessary up-to-date security features as standard to help protect you and your customers against fraud.



Compliant with UK banks

tickSmall footprint

tick Fast, reliable & easy to use

tickAll major credit & debit cards     accepted

tickContactless Payments



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Ingenico CounterTop card machine available from Seymour Direct


Countertop Further Information


Our most popular credit card machine with a small footprint needing only a power point and landline to make it a very fast and easy to use payment device. In short if you want a static, simple to use credit card machine with low rental charges then you won't find better than this Ingenico Countertop machine. Call our Freephone helpline and a specialist advisor will be happy to help.



Mobile GPRS Machine

A fully mobile machine that allows you to accept payments on the move using the latest technology of a roaming SIM to ensure you connect to the bank via the best possible signal. This amazing pocket-sized machine has up-to-the-minute security features plus perfect display readability, even outdoors in sunlight, and a wide backlit keypad.......... more details below.



 tick Compliant with UK banks

 tickAccept card payments on the       move

 tickNo landline required

 tickRoaming SIM card included

 tickChoice of mobile networks

 tickFast, reliable & easy to use

 tickAll major credit & debit cards      accepted

 tickContactless Payments



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  Ingenico Mobile GPRS card machine available from Seymour Direct  



















Mobile GPRS Further Information


If you want to accept cards on the move then this GPRS machine is for you. It uses the very latest roaming SIM technology which ensures you connect to the bank using the strongest Network signal such as Vodafone, Orange etc, or you can manually choose which Network to use thus allowing you total control. This gives you the freedom to take card payments from your customers in any location in the United Kingdom* ensuring you process your payment on the day your work is completed, eliminating delays with cheques in the post or handling cash and will inevitably improve your cash flow.

*subject to network coverage





Bluetooth Portable Machine

A portable payment machine which allows you to accept cards at the convenience of your customers, such as at their table in a restaurant or maybe across a food counter such as a delicatessen or butcher etc. In fact there are countless situations where a portable machine would be invaluable. Our model bristles with security features and needs to be located within the chosen operating area of its intended use. It can either be connected to a telephone landline or Internet Router. Take a closer look below or call 0800 980 4007 to speak with a specialist who will be more than happy to help.



 tickCompliant with UK banks

 tickTake payments at customers'       tables

 tickOptional gratuity facility

 tickFast, reliable & easy to use

 tickAll major credit & debit cards      accepted

 tickContactless Payments



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Ingenico Bluetooth Seymour Direct

















Bluetooth Portable Further Information


The vast majority of our restaurant merchants use the Bluetooth portable machine to ensure they provide their diners with a total customer care experience. The Bluetooth portable machine is not exclusive to restaurants, but can be used by any business needing to accept payments in a variety of locations within their business premises. Comes complete with charging cradle and all machines are programmed then tested prior to despatch and are ready for use the day they are delivered.

                               What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Portable and Mobile GPRS Machines?


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