Online Payment Solutions (Ecommerce)

Should you want customers to purchase your goods or services directly from your website then you will need to apply for an ecommerce Merchant Account. In addition to this you will need to appoint a Payment Service Provider (PSP) which is organised for you by Seymour Direct, thus ensuring ease of use, lower charges and compliance with card acceptance rules.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security initiative aimed at protecting cardholder details such as credit card numbers and personal data. Another level of security is 3D Secure which, similarly to Chip & Pin used in the high street, allows customers to enter their personal pin number at your website checkout. Seymour Direct is fully PCI DSS compliant and has a wealth of experience in card processing.

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Merchant Services
“Seymour Direct work hard to negotiate the best rates for its many thousands of customers by working very closely with some of the largest acquirers that operate in the UK where we analyse daily turnover forecasts within the various business sectors that our customers represent. This commitment ensures our customers receive the best service together with low charges.”

PCi Compliance
"The PCi standard was introduced by banks to businesses that accept credit & debit cards, in an effort to reduce fraud. Any business that accepts cards as a form of payment must become PCi compliant and with our wealth of experience in merchant services we can assist to ensure that non-compliance penalties are not applicable to our customers"

Rates & Charges
"Look no further, we can provide very low transaction charges which are usually only available to large businesses, however using our huge buying power you too can take advantage of the £billions of transactions that Seymour Direct are responsible for. Plus you can ensure that you will receive the very latest credit card machine which will be PCi compliant"
Shaun Rouse Toni&Guy

"I am very pleased with the exclusive Merchant Account deal that Seymour Direct were able to organise for my TONI&GUY salon. It really has saved us a lot of money."

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