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Mobile Credit Card Terminal

Posted: Thu 27th Dec, 2012

In todays modern world of high tech gadgets there are many options for accepting cards on the move, however, a mobile credit card terminal is the best choice. With inventions such as Square App magnetic stripe reader allowing U.S residents to receive card transactions via their mobile phones it is very convenient but there are streamlined handheld terminals such as those pictured above that are available at lower rates for UK merchants.

One of the great things about the latest Ingenico series iWL250 is that you also have the latest 'Contactless' technology and customers can pay quicker than any other device out there. The most popular devices for making portable payments are Bluetooth or mobile GPRS card machines and while the Bluetooth model is popular among restaurant owners for serving customers at their table, the fully mobile ones are used for businesses on the move such as mobile hairdressers, pet groomers and many more.

A Bluetooth wireless terminal authorizes a credit or debit card payment with the bank by transmitting to a docking cradle that is plugged into a landline, the most recent Bluetooth models use an Ethernet cable instead since it is much faster for contacting the bank and with these models you also save money because the landline BT rental charges are not needed.

Ingenico Card Terminal

As we already mentioned earlier in this blog post the fact that the latest mobile card machines come with contactless or 'NFC' technology enabled means that merchants can process card payments more quickly. The new 'Near Field Communication' technique for processing card transactions has been around for several years butit has only become widespread across the UK during the early part of 2012. High street banks began distributing new NFC cards to their customers and these new cards transmit radio frequencies when waved over a contactless terminal, a green light then flashes to signify a successful payment but occasionally a customer might be asked to enter their chip and pin number as a security precaution.

Mobile card terminals operate very similarly to mobile phones and come with a roaming SIM card which are included included when a merchant applies for credit card processing with Seymour Direct. We provide businesses with the Ingenico iWL250 mobile machine and it is battery powered with a charger included. We hope that this blog post has covered everything you needed to know about which wireless credit card terminal to order from Seymour Direct, however, you can also contact us via our freephone telephone number 0800 9804007 or send us a message below and will be glad to hear from you.

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