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Merchant Services For Small Business

Posted: Mon 7th Jan, 2013


Here at Seymour Direct we understand that in these tough economic times it can be hard for small businesses toget ahead and to keep up with their competitors but we also know that one thing they cannot go without is the best credit card terminal technology and a strong customer support for processing payments.

It is because we recognize efficient payment processing is the backbone for any merchant that we pride ourselves on offering much lower transaction rates coupled with latest technology. I addition help is at hand right at the very beginning to arrange everything you need to start accepting cards and we aren't just full of sales talk like many inexperienced merchant services providers.

Seymour Direct have been a registered merchant account provider since 1987 and we can safely say that we've helped thousands of UK businesses succeed thanks to consistently low rates on accepting credit cards. We have strong connections with a number of UK acquirers including Elavon, Streamline and First Data which means there isan increased chance of us getting businesses approved for a merchant account.

Since we have dealt with a wide variety of different business types over the years we know exactly what card terminals suit each kind of merchant. Besides the countertop Ingenico machine you see pictured in the video above, you can also find Bluetooth and mobile terminals here that can give you the freedom to accept credit cards while moving around your store or as with the mobile version anywhere in Britain.

Ingenico Card Machine

Small businesses that use the most up to date technology for accepting card payments benefit because customers have a better experience and do not have to worry if they haven't got cash on them. Merchant's that are new to cards will also find that it is much safer than keeping large amounts of cash on site and they can rest assured that our card machines will accept the vast majority of cards in circulation including American Express & Diners.

As previously mentioned, we've helped a lot of different types of business get accepted to handle card transactions because we individually assess each applicant to calculate how much risk is involved for the acquiring bank. Calculating a risk factor simply means that the payment processor is covered in the rare event that a fraudulent transaction might occur and we give a quote based upon information that you provide. Depending on the value of your products or services, the nature of the business you deal in and how frequently you expect to receive payments, you will be charged for each transaction.

If you want to find out more information about how we can help your small business achieve a higher return on investment, be sure to get in touch using the form below or by calling FREE on 0800 980 4007.


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