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E-Commerce for your Business

Posted: Mon 26th Dec, 2011


I wanted to create this blog post because I thought it would be valuable for merchants to know a little about the history of e-commerce. The term means a lot more than just the buying and selling of goods online, although it has become increasingly popular when referring to electronic payment systems such as the internet and other networking.E-Commerce is defined as the complete process of ordering products online from the marketing through to the payment processing, delivery and servicing. Seymour Directis capable of supplying merchant’s with much of the equipment needed to run their online business as well the Payment Service Provider. Be sure to checkout our other services pages including Next Day Parcel Delivery and Low Cost Branded Computers.

Much electronic commerce involves entirely virtual products, for example, if you were to pay for access to a dating website or to download MP3′s, but most merchant’s need physical items to be shipped out to customers via traditional delivery methods.

The UK has the biggest E-commerce market in the world based on the amount spent per individual person. This is set to grow even more and it is changing the way businesses advertise themselves on TV ads, with emphasis being put on their website address.

If your are confused at how to start accepting payments for your business online, Seymour Direct will answer any queries you have. We can set up an online payment service provider such as Sagepay because we are listed as one of their business partners, this means that we have a long relationship with the acquirer and are more likely to get you approved than if you contact them directly.

Once you have been accepted for an online merchant account, you will be able to process a large amount of transactions everyday and be assured that you are going to get paid on a set date. The merchant bank takes care of the payments coming from your customers issuing banks meaning that you don’t have to worry about the individual times allowed for the clearing of funds at different banks.

If you want to know exactly how payments will be carried out using a PSP, you can read this earlier blog post about how we work together with Sagepay.

By Martin Roberts (Google+)Martin Roberts



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