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Look no further, we can provide what you want. Very low transaction charges are usually only available to large businesses, however using our huge buying power you too can take advantage of the £billions of transactions that Seymour Direct are responsible for. Don't put up with waiting a few days for your money as we can organise for same day or next day crediting from our credit card machines........amazing! Or maybe you would like your business to receive a cash injection? just give us a call.

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Offer you customers more ways to pay, with same day crediting to boost your small business sales and buyer confidence.

Same day or next day crediting of your funds.

Probably the lowest charges for accepting cards

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Credit Card Processing
Customers preferring to pay a retailer for goods and services with a credit/debit card can only do so if the retailer has a merchant account. Retailers joining Seymour Direct pay the acquiring bank very low transaction charges.

Online Payment Solutions
Secure online card transactions are vitally important when selling via the Internet. We have a wide range of solutions for online payments, from Virtual Terminals to full eCommerce solutions utilising Shopping Cart technology.

Card Machines
Seymour Direct provide only the latest credit card machines and other methods of accepting cards available at low monthly rentals. Our Terminals are manufactured by Ingenico, a global leader in Payment Terminals.

Industry leading you can trust in Seymour Direct we are one of the longest serving in the industry

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