Mobile Credit Card Terminal

There are several types of portable machines that enable you to accept credit or debit cards on the move. In this blog I will concentrate on the two most commonly used which are Bluetooth and Mobile GPRS versions. The Bluetooth Portable card machines, sometimes referred to as a Wireless Credit Card Machine, is very often used by restaurants who want to take the card payment at the table ensuring that the diner is in full control of their card and does not end up in the wrong hands. During recent years Bluetooth portable machines are also being used by other types of businesses such as hair salons, builders merchants, garden centres etc who want to provide a better shopping experience plus be able to close a sale quickly, such within a large garden centre, before customers talk themselves out of the purchase.

The vast majority of Bluetooth Portable Machines communicate with the bank via a telephone line that is connected to its docking cradle which also acts as a charger. Some recent machines have the facility to connect to the bank via an Ethernet cable connected to the internet through a router. These portable machines are referred to as Portable Bluetooth IP (Internet Protocol) and are very fast and have the added advantage of not needing to use a phone line which can save a lot of money in line rental charges. There are also WiFi Credit Card Machines which use a wireless internet network to connect to a bank; however these machines can be tricky to set up.

A Mobile Credit Card machine uses similar mobile telephone technology to connect to the bank in order to obtain authorisation and check against fraud transactions. These machines are battery operated which are rechargeable by placing the handset on a charging cradle just like a DECT portable phone used in a home. The battery life is usually more than sufficient for one day of card transactions however for very busy businesses a spare fully charged battery pack would be advisable and a car charger can also be purchased to ensure the battery is in tip top condition. Mobile Credit Card Machines are used by all types of trades from market stalls to emergency plumbers, wanting to take a card payment on completion of the sale or job without the worries of taking a cheque that may bounce.

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