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New TLD's - How To Use New Domain Extensions To promote Your Business

Posted: Mon 23rd Jun, 2014

The internet has been evolving constantly since the 'boom' in eCommerce began during the early nineties and since that time we have seen simple HTML designed websites grow into interactive gateways in which potential customers can see every aspect of a product or servic... Read more

Card Machine Hire

Posted: Wed 11th Dec, 2013

'Card Machines' is a popular keyword used by people to search online. However this term is pretty vague since it could refer to a number of different types of electronic devices, however, the main search results you will see displayed after making your search via Google for exa... Read more

Chip and Pin Hire

Posted: Thu 5th Dec, 2013

As a small business owner security is usually the top priority when it comes to investing in new equipment and this is the essence of Chip and Pin payment machines. The Chip 'n' Pin technology was made mandatory for merchants who accept card payments from there customers since... Read more

Merchant Account Fees

Posted: Mon 2nd Sep, 2013

Small and medium sized businesses have one thing on their minds when looking to accept credit card payments and this is the merchant account fees. Many new business owners are not familiar with how card processing fees impact on their business and often get confused whilst trying... Read more

Portable PDQ Machine

Posted: Tue 27th Aug, 2013

PDQ machines are designed so that payments can be handled conveniently by merchants and it is no surprise that the most popular of the credit card terminals is the 'CounterTop PDQ machine'. While the PDQ machine has always 'Processed Transactions Quickly' (PDQ) it ... Read more

Merchant Solutions

Posted: Mon 26th Aug, 2013

Businesses that require certain merchant solutions such as PDQ machine hire, an internet merchant account or virtual terminal for phone and mail orders will generally search the web for third party suppliers because it is cheaper than going directly through a ... Read more

Secure Payment

Posted: Thu 25th Jul, 2013

Small Businesses who want to accept credit cards also want to ensure that when customers pay that the transaction is a secure payment. Making sure that all credit card machine systems are PCI compliant will protect the merchant as well as card holders because you are sh... Read more

Card Machine

Posted: Tue 16th Jul, 2013

You probably already know as a business owner the words 'Card Machine' and 'Card Terminal' get used very often in the day to day of running a business and are used to describe the devices that process credit card payments. There is also a more generic term for a card terminal wh... Read more

First Data Merchant Services

Posted: Fri 5th Jul, 2013

As we have talked about in previous posts that Seymour Direct works with 3 different acquiring banks including First Data, Elavon and Streamline to get small businesses approved for a merchant account.The great thing about having a choice of payment processing banks for merchant ... Read more

Cheapest Merchant Services

Posted: Tue 2nd Jul, 2013

Accepting card payments plays a crucial role in maintaining a business and while every company wants the cheapest merchant services it is vital to understand that there are different facilities for different types of businesses. You might only run a small shop with items which a... Read more