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PDQ Machine

Over the last decade interest in PDQ Machines has risen rapidly, since these streamlined devices began to appear in retail outlets more and more people became accustom with them and they began to appear in many other types of business. Before the PDQ machine was in widespread use credit card payment was processed in a few ways, cash registers were designed with the ability of swiping a customers card, reading the data stored on the magnetic strip and then transmitting the credit card information. Read more [...]
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Mobile Credit Card Terminal

There are several types of portable machines that enable you to accept credit or debit cards on the move. In this blog I will concentrate on the two most commonly used which are Bluetooth and Mobile GPRS versions. The Bluetooth Portable card machines, sometimes referred to as a Wireless Credit Card Machine, is very often used by restaurants who want to take the card payment at the table ensuring that the diner is in full control of their card and does not end up in the wrong hands. During recent Read more [...]
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Credit Card Machines for Small Business

If you are looking for credit card machines for small business ventures it can prove difficult to decide on which bank or merchant services company provides the cheapest line rental and charges for customer transactions. It is important to find a merchant services provider who offers full customer service, this includes having an operator on standby to answer your questions 7 days a week and unlike Seymour Direct some other companies do not provide this. We have even heard stories where customers Read more [...]
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A History of Plastic Cards

Before diving into our first post, allow me to welcome you to the Seymour Direct Blog. For our first post I considered it appropriate to take a look back at the history of plastic cards. By taking a look back to the past I hope that we can understand how we have arrived at where we are today and, as a result, be in a position to look at how we use our cards today, both from the perspective of individuals and businesses. Despite the title of this post being "A History of Plastic Cards" the first Read more [...]
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